Caterpillar’s giant Pac-Man with his excavator

Pac-Man gigante de Caterpillar

Caterpillar’s giant Pac-Man is a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the popular video game.

Pac-Man is celebrating its anniversary. The popular video game created by Toru Iwatani in Namco turns 40. A true global phenomenon since it was launched on the market, reaching the Guinness record as the most successful arcade of all time.

The tributes are happening and one of the ones we liked the most is the one created by Caterpillar and its excavating machines. A giant board created expressly to play with augmented reality.

Caterpillar’s giant Pac-Man is an original tribute to the kite. According to the brand: “It is much more than a redesigned version of the video game, as it highlights the technologies, versatility, agility and power that are needed in the real world.”

The idea is that, on a board dug for the occasion in a field, 5 workers play Pac-Man with their excavating machines. Thanks to augmented reality, the main machine must eat all the points on the playing field avoiding the machines that act as ghosts.

A fun and fun action, just like the tribute to tetris in Tel Aviv. The Caterpillar giant kite has an essential making of where they explain how the idea came about, how they created the board and the technology used to carry out the action.

Caterpillar’s giant Pac-Man | Making of



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