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Chevrolet’s Christmas commercial about Alzheimer and memories

The Commonwealth/McCann agency has been in charge of the Christmas campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de Chevrolet | "A Holiday to Remember"

Chevrolet’s Christmas advert is an exciting story about Alzheimer’s and memories.

The Christmas holidays are usually a reason to experience joyful moments and reunions with family members we haven’t seen for a long time. But it is also a hard time, especially for those relatives of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s, who are not able to recognize their loved ones.

It’s the plot of Chevrolet’s Christmas advert, starring an older woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Thanks to the help of her grandchildren, she will be able to recover those memories buried by the disease.

Chevrolet’s Christmas Commercial – “A Holiday to Remember”

“A Holiday to Remember” is the title of Chevrolet’s Christmas advert. It was made by the Commonwealth/McCann agency and directed by Tom Hooper, who already repeated it in the brand’s Christmas campaign in 2021.

The piece, five and a half minutes long, presents an older woman in the early stages of Alzheimer’s celebrating Christmas with her family. The protagonist is disconnected from what is happening around her, until her granddaughter takes her for a ride in a 1972 Chevy Suburban.

To the rhythm of “Sunshine On My Shoulders” by John Denver we will see how the granddaughter takes her to the places where the older woman grew up: The old home, the institute or the cinema where she kissed her husband for the first time. The torrent of her memories overflows and she manages to connect with the woman, who reminds her that she must return home to prepare the Christmas meal.

Chevrolet’s Christmas ad also serves to show the brand’s classic cars. According to Steve Majoros, vice president of marketing at Chevrolet: “Cars enjoy a very special place in the psyche of Americans because they ultimately play a determining role in many life events, in things that are simultaneously trivial and extraordinary. in people’s lives.”

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