Papa John’s Chorizo Flavored Lipstick: Planet Chorizo

The brand launches its new range of pizzas with a peculiar lipstick

Pintalabios con sabor a chorizo Papa Johns

Planet Chorizo is Papa John’s new range of pizzas and it celebrates it… by launching a chorizo-flavoured lipstick.

Chorizo is in fashion all over the world. One of the most deeply rooted products in our country is ready to make the leap internationally. And for this it has the Papa John’s pizzeria chain that has thought of chorizo as a star product for its new range of pizzas.

Quesadillas, rolls and pizzas are the new flavors that Papa John’s adds to its catalog of flavors. And to publicize its new addition, it has launched a fun advertising campaign that includes… a chorizo-flavoured lipstick.

Pintalabios con sabor a chorizo Papa Johns

“Planet Chorizo” is the title of the Papa John’s campaign. Its three central pillars are space, cosmetics and sausage. All to present a new range of “flavors inspired by the taste of space”. For this, it has had the participation of the Spaniard Pedro Duque and celebrates that in 1998 the STS-95 mission took chorizo, Manchego cheese and mahón to space. Everything is well documented on the website of the European Space Agency.

Papa John’s campaign looks for similarities in textures, flavors and appearances of sausage in space. He has found, for example, the Great Red Spot of Jupiter or carbon compounds; that are used to dry the paprika for the chorizo and can be found in space.

But the star product is undoubtedly the chorizo-flavoured lipstick. It has been created by Chelsie Lane Cosmetics and reproduces the smell and marbled effect of chorizo. Everything for its consumers to explore the new flavors that chorizo gives to pizzas.

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