Guide to choosing an effective brand name

Choosign an effective brand name

These are the steps to follow to choose an effective brand name for our company or product.

Choosing a brand name is one of those fundamental moments when we are starting a project. Either a name for a product, company or service. We are all familiar with the term “Branding” that defines the process in which the brand of a company is built. But first it is necessary to work on the choice of our brand name. This process is called “Naming”.

The “Naming” is the first thing to give meaning to our brand, product or service. Apparently it is something simple and symbolic but this job is very important. The brand name will be the first impression that all people who see us will have, and it is important to transmit all the values that we have proposed.

That’s why today we echo the fantastic infographic developed by the design agency Miller entitled “Brand Naming Evaluation Guide.”

Elegir nombre de marca Elegir nombre de marca Elegir nombre de marca Elegir nombre de marca

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