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Hiscox shows us what a cyber attack would look like in real life

The insurance company Hiscox shows us what a cyber attack in real life would be like with ‘Real World Hack’.

When we receive news of massive cyber attacks few times we are alarmed. We think that they are attacks aimed at large companies and our small business will not be affected. And it is not like that. In the UK, one in three businesses faces a cyber attack and do not know how to act when this happens.

The insurer Hiscox has wanted to show us with ‘Real World Hack’ what a cyber attack would be like in real life. The premise is clear, move the steps that hackers follow to control your business and ask for reward to unlock it.

To carry out the action they worked together with the popular brand of folding bicycles Brompton. The idea was to show step by step how the cyberattack threat is carried out. And so, in a single day, the employees of Brompton store saw how just in front a replicated store opened, imitating showcase, image, name and even the employees themselves.

One of the tactics used in a cyber attack is pishing, which involves stealing the identity of a business or person. Then they saw how they adjudged the delivery of new material and invaded the store with fake customers. Lastly, they close the original store to claim a payment in 24 hours to release it.

A reality that happens to one of every three British companies. According to Olivia Hendrick, marketing director of Hiscox: “For us this is a new and disruptive way to communicate the threat and show how insurance can be crucial in these situations”

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