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Citröen’s “Happy Ride” trolls cyclists in the city

Happy Ride | Citröen AG2R

Citröen performs a fun action to encourage cyclists in the city as if they were on the Tour.

We haven’t seen a guerrilla marketing action like this in a long time. Before, brands used hidden camera tricks and actions to make viral content. Famous are the actions of TNT, Coca-Cola or Fashion Revolution in some of the best street marketing actions that we remember.

Now it has been Citröen who celebrated his return to the Tour de France after 20 years with the AG2R Citröen Team cycling. To celebrate it, he ran a fun advertising campaign before the Tour de France to cheer on the French before one of the great dates of the Gallic country.

“Happy Ride” is the title of the action that Citröen carried out in an unspecified French city. He hid a special bike among the bike rental service. Thus, every time someone took that bike, all the machinery of the brand started up.

A camera focusing on him, a motorcycle leading the way, a team car following him and encouragement from the animation group during the tour. When the bike was over, a podium and hosts with prizes, jerseys and post-race interviews awaited him. Everything to make you feel like a true professional Tour de France racer.

The action has been carried out by the agencies L’Uzyne and Digital Playa and has also been transported to Facebook. In the company profile, those participants in the action were interacted with so that they would repeat the experience.



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