Dress up Cleopatra’s jeans and help prevent clothing waste

"Cleopatra's Jeans" is the action of Wunderman Thompson and TG3D

Tejanos de Cleopatra | Cleopatra's Jeans

Cleopatra’s jeans have been made thanks to an exhaustive study of the figure of the pharaoh.

Cleopatra is a figure that continues to exert a powerful and seductive appeal to this day. The last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt, born in the year 69 BC in Alexandria, is the protagonist of a peculiar campaign to prevent the waste of clothing throughout the world.

The Egyptian pharaoh is the protagonist of the action carried out by the Wunderman Thompson agency and TG3D. They have done a painstaking study combining historical, technological and creative research to create… Cleopatra’s jeans.

Creating some jeans for Cleopatra

“Cleopatra’s Jens” is the title of the action carried out by the Wunderman Thompson agency, the Taiwanese company TG3D and the Colombian production company “Macarena”. The objective? Make the jeans that Cleopatra would have worn at the time.

This idea arises to raise awareness about the serious environmental problem posed by clothing waste around the world. According to a report by the United Nations Commission, 85% of clothing is thrown away. This waste comes from returns of purchased clothing that generated 5.1 billion pounds of waste and 15 million tons of carbon in the United States alone.

The idea of creating Cleopatra’s jeans is that if the clothes fit us perfectly, there would be fewer returns and the environmental problem would be alleviated. But to create them, they had to first know the measurements of the pharaoh. For this, they examined all the artistic representations and the study of the Spanish Egyptologist Juan Jesús Vallejo, who carried out an investigation of current Egyptian women. All of this information was compiled to create jeans that “would look good on everyone,” according to a statement from TG3D.

Bas Korsten, Global Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson, commented: “As an innovative creative agency, our mission is to bring creativity, technology and humanity together, and we are interested in creating campaigns or statements that explore the intersection of those three states. . “Cleopatra’s Jeans” is just that: a provocative statement and an inspiring conversation starter.”

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