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The Coca-Cola campaign for the Qatar 2022 World Cup: “Believing is Magic”

The multinational launches a series of advertising campaigns for the great World Cup event

Campaña de Coca-Cola | Mundial Qatar 2022

Coca-Cola’s campaign for the World Cup in Qatar consists of several ads that explore fan promises.

One of the date of the year arrives and with it the best advertising campaigns of the brands. They all want a piece of the cake of the most watched event on the entire planet, only comparable to the Olympic Games. The best commercials for the 2022 Qatar World Cup are happening and brands like Puma or Pepsi have already released their ads.

Now it is the turn of one of the official sponsors of the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Coca-Cola. Not in vain has it been sponsoring the event since 1974 and advertising in all the tournament stadiums since 1950. And it does so under its “Real Magic” platform, a pillar of its marketing and advertising strategy for the future.

“Believing is Magic” is the title of Coca-Cola’s campaign for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It consists of a central piece titled “Street” and is accompanied by other advertisements that enhance the moments of connection experienced by fans around the world.

Shaving your head, getting a tattoo or rushing to work are some of the promises followers are willing to make. These superstitions will be the central axis of the future digital pieces that the brand will launch during the event.

Likewise, the Coca-Cola campaign will feature new packaging to highlight the colors of each team and will be supported by fan-focused content.

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