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Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercial is an ode to traditions

The Gray agency has carried out one of the most anticipated Christmas campaigns

Anuncio de Navidad de Coca-Cola | La Navidad siempre encuentra la manera

Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercial is titled “Christmas Always Finds a Way” and is an homage to Christmas traditions.

Christmas commercials follow one another and the big brands are premiering their ads. Lego, Disney or Sainsbury’s have already launched their Christmas campaigns; and little by little we are having all the creativities of this year.

One of the most anticipated campaigns is that of Coca-Cola. The American multinational is synonymous with Christmas and has been the standard-bearer of these holidays for many years. As it did last year with “Real Magic this Christmas” it is the brand’s Mexican subsidiary that has carried out the global campaign.

“Christmas always finds a way” is the title of the Coca-Cola christmas commercial made by the Gray Global agency and directed by German directors Dorian and Daniel. The ad is a story of a man who wants to keep tradition alive at Christmas dinner. To do this he disastrously prepares the meat pie following the instructions of his mother. It is not until the end of the piece that we understand the reason for such insistence: The mother has passed away and the son does not want the flavors that have accompanied him all these years to be lost.

According to Javier Meza, VP of Marketing for Coca-Cola Latin America: “It is a tribute to families and friends, past and present, as well as to the shared recipes, memories and traditions that unite generations during the celebrations. Christmas.”

On the other hand, the directors focus on the power of flavor: “Almost everyone has that flavor that they automatically associate with a special moment or person in their life. It magically activates those memories: words, gestures and emotions.”

The Coca-Cola commercial will be accompanied by an anthology on Prime Video, in which we will be presented with three different stories of human connection and overcoming this holiday season.

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