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The funny Coca-Cola commercial that presents all its products

The campaign has been carried out by the agency Majority and directed by Christopher Storer, director of "The Bear"

Anuncio de Coca-Cola | New Guy

Coca-Cola’s commercial presents its entire range of products in one piece directed by the director of “The Bear.”

It seems incredible, but in the 130 years of Coca-Cola’s history, all of the American multinational’s brands had never converged in the same advertisement. And Coca-Cola’s marketing and advertising strategy has very well defined what to do with each product separately, and has never presented them together.

Now, Coca-Cola has launched a campaign where its different brands coexist in the same advertising piece. The Coca-Cola commercial summarizes the chaos of family gatherings in 90 seconds, in a piece that has been directed by Christopher Storer, known for being the writer and director of the acclaimed series “The Bear.”

Coca-Cola advert | New Guy

“New Guy” is the title of the Coca-Cola commercial made by the Majority agency, produced by Smuggler and directed by Christopher Storer, director of the series “The Bear.”

The Coca-Cola campaign is a classic story of how a girl brings her partner to a family gathering for the first time. This is how we meet Zach, who is meeting family members on an important game day.

Humor is the predominant tone in the Coca-Cola advertisement that shows us the typical customs of these moments. The huge amount of food they make, the children running around the house, the brother-in-law who makes jokes with you and the first impression of your father-in-law. A family chaos perfectly collected thanks to the hand of Christopher Storer, which reflects his characteristic way of directing seen in “The Bear.”

According to Alex Ames Director of Content and Creative Excellence at Coca-Cola: “When we talk about the brand portfolio we usually do so in a context of promotional actions to boost sales, which is how people perceive us on the shelves. But from Coca- Cola continually pushes us to excite the consumer. In this case we wanted to tell the story of a perfectly imperfect family that is very similar to the perfect family of products that we have at Coca-Cola.”

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