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The beautiful Coca-Cola Commercial: “Together is Beautiful”

The Coca-Cola commercial celebrates diversity with a beautiful animation movie: “Together is Beautiful”

The ads of Coca-Cola do not usually leave indifferent. They are usually cut by the same way, but have the ability to continue surprising us. This is the case of “Together is Beautiful”, the last Coca-Cola commercial to celebrate diversity.

The commercial was aired during the Super Bowl break (you can see the best ads here). While millions of friends, families and rivals were gathered watching the game, Coca-Cola launched a commercial to remember that the differences are always beautiful.

The ad is a precious animated film, where we see a cast of characters enjoying the taste of Coca-Cola. Through a succession of transitions we see different formats, varieties and people savoring the product. The ad is titled “A Coke is a Coke” and is inspired by a passage from the book “The philosophy” by Andy Warhol, in which he says:“A Coke is a Coke, and no amount of money will make a Coke better than the one who’s drinking the vagabond on the corner.” Coke is always the same and just as good. You know, the president knows, the vagabond knows, and you know it too.”

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