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The Coca-Cola Commercial encourages us to waste less with “Let’s live more returnable”

“Let’s live more returnable” It is the last Coca-Cola commercial that encourages us to be more sustainable by returning waste.

In the telling, advertising agency we love the advertising campaigns carried out in Argentina. There is a lot of talent and creativity in the country, qualities that are rewarded year after year at the Cannes Advertising Festival. And more particularly, the creative department of Coca-Cola that has been providing great advertising campaigns for years.

So we remember the fantastic “Being Parents” where they explained the ups and downs of a couple and their first child. They have also had time to claim with “You had to be born here.”

Well, now the last Coca-Cola commercial made in Argentina encourages us to be more sustainable. Entitled “Let’s live more returnable” it explains in an emotional tone the concept of being returnable, against everything that is disposable. Thus, Coca-Cola has made a returnable plastic container, which is recycled between 15 and 50 times more than normal plastic.

Coca-Cola seeks to reduce the use of raw materials and reduce the production of bottles to generate less waste. They are also working to make all their returnable containers, with the goal that all can be returned by 2030.

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