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A new Coca-Cola’s global campaign: “Take a Taste”

The company evolves its "Best Coke Ever?" released in 2021.

Campaña Global de Coca-Cola | Take a Taste

Coca-Cola’s global campaign builds on the success of the 2021 rebrand to evolve its platform.

In 2021, the Coca-Cola brand reformulated one of its products to launch the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Remade from scratch, the brand launched a product that continued to maintain the characteristic flavors of the drink but with no sugar.

To do this, he launched a global and disruptive campaign called “Best Coker Ever?” (“The best Coca-Cola in history?”) where they allowed themselves to launch more crazy and modern advertising campaigns; everything to reach the new generations and continue implementing the Coca-Cola brand

“Take a Taste” is the new global Coca-Cola campaign created by the WPP OpenX agency in collaboration with British illustrator Jack Teagle. The idea is to update the “Best Coke Ever?” platform, designed to accelerate the growth of the new product, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The idea stems from a question that we have all asked ourselves at home: “Who drank my Coca-Cola?”. Under this premise, a series of disruptive actions have been prepared that encompass different media.

According to Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Global Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company: “We’ve all experienced the scenario: We open the fridge to enjoy our favorite beverage and see that someone has beaten us to it and taken that irresistibly tasty Coca-Cola. Zero Sugar This global campaign wants to explore this situation in digital and social content, working with global content creators and influencers, assets outside the home, and through innovative showcases and creative experiences, all built around the campaign hashtag #TakeATaste”.

This global Coca-Cola campaign follows the guidelines of Coca-Cola’s marketing and advertising strategy; creating collaborative and ongoing ideas that encompass creative talents, brand fans and creative agencies around the world.

For his part, Zac Pritchard, creative director of AKQA, commented: “We started by sending influencers a ‘safety can’ so they can spot people who steal their drink from the fridge. Along with this action we have launched a complete set of ads, posters, games, social filters, banners, posts and more.”

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