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Coca-Cola in Space: 30 years since Coca-Cola launched into space

Coca-Cola in Space | 30 años

Coca-Cola in Space celebrates 30 years of the journey of its cans into space aboard the MIR.

There are products that belong to popular culture. Coca-Cola is undoubtedly one of them. The legendary brand has achieved a milestone within the reach of very few products: being launched into outer space. It was in 1991 when, together with the Soviet Space Agency, they managed to send Coca-Cola to the MIR space station.

Later, more products worthy of entering this “exclusive” list were joined. Like Chupa-Chups, which was the first lollipop to be consumed in space. Or the “Slime”, the popular sticky gum served to know how a fluid that is not water behaves in gravity.

Coca-Cola in Space celebrates the 30th anniversary of Coca-Cola’s trip to outer space. Before, however, in 1985 the astronauts of the Challenger shuttle put the Coca-Cola space can to the test in one of their missions, which was equipped with a special valve from which the astronauts could drink without the content being shot out of the container.

Coca-Cola in Space | 30 años

Six years after this event, on August 26, 1991, the Company and the Soviet Space Agency teamed up to send this package out of Earth orbit aboard the MIR space station.

To celebrate this, they have carried out a joint advertising campaign with 15 Russian animators and illustrators. The idea is to recreate the most iconic moments of pop culture in Russia, to show that, despite the changes, Coca-Cola has always been there.


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