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Coke Studio’s Spectacular Advert: “The Conductor”

Coca-Cola launches its global music platform

Anuncio de Coke Studio | The Conductor

The Coke Studio commercial is the premiere of Coca-Cola’s global music platform.

In Coca-Cola’s marketing and advertising strategy, the brand applies the 70-20-10 investment. This consists of allocating 70% to what is considered “low risk” content, which gives benefits. 20% goes to innovate what works and 10% to create new ideas that can be successful or die trying.

Under this investment “Coke Studio” was born in 2018 in Pakistan, Africa and the Philippines. An experiment that aimed to connect emerging talents and had 11 million subscribers on YouTube. Given the success, Coca-Cola has decided to launch this platform globally.

“The Conductor” is Coke Studio’s commercial made in conjunction with Universal Music Group. The brand has brought together seven artists to collaborate on a version of Queen’s “A Kind of Magic”. Ari Lennox, Griff, Ekin Beril, Mariah Angeliq, Tems, Tesher and TRI.BE. are the multifaceted artists gathered for the occasion.

According to Pratik Thakar, Director of Global Creative Strategy and Content at Coca-Cola: “Coke Studio is a direct extension of Coca-Cola’s Real Magic philosophy. The Coke Studio platform was born in Pakistan and has had great success there, as well as in Africa and the Philippines, with 11 million YouTube subscribers. We believe it has the potential for exponential growth, and today we are excited to introduce it to a broader global audience, using the reach of our iconic brand to help attract new audiences to some extraordinary artists.”

For his part, Joshua Burke, Global Marketing Director of Music and Culture at The Coca-Cola Company: “Coca-Cola has always had a strong connection to music, working with emerging talent, and a strong heritage in connecting people. across borders and cultures. Coke Studio unites these two aspects.”

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