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“Love Takes Action” the emotional commercial of New York Life

Anuncio de New York Life

The insurance company celebrates 175 years of history with an emotional ode to love.

There are brands that are linked to the Super Bowl. One of them is the New York Life insurer that issued its ad every year at the show breaks. It was like that during the 70s and 80s but since then the brand has remained on the sidelines. This time he returns after 30 years to celebrate a very important milestone of the company: Celebrate 175 years of life.

According to Kari Axberg, vice president of marketing for the brand: “The 175th anniversary offers us a unique opportunity to make a powerful statement about our brand and our role in people’s lives.” And is that the commercial of New York Life is undoubtedly one of the best Super Bowl Commercials of 2020.

The commercial of New York life, created by Anomaly, is based on the four Greek definitions of love: Philia (love between friends), Storge (family love), Eros (romantic love) and Agape (love as action). The story focuses on the last of these four words with scenes of older people who help each other,

The song is composed by Max Richter and Tessa Thompson puts the voiceover: “For 175 years, we have been helping people to act according to their love. So they can look back, or look forward, and say, “We did it right.”

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