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The emotional commercial of the Renault Clio celebrates 32 years

Anuncio del Renault Clio 2022

The commercial of the Renault Clio is a tribute to the Renault classic, which debuts an electric model.

The electric car has practically landed. Since Elon Musk turned the automotive sector upside down, Tesla’s marketing and advertising strategy has positioned the company as number 1 in the electric car sector. A change that took the other companies, who expected the jump to the electric car, to take longer.

Currently, practically all brands have electric models of their classics. Although many consumers still do not see the leap clearly, the options on the market are many and varied. The latest to arrive is the electric version of a classic: the Renault Clio. And it does so with a tribute to 32 years of history.

“Born Clio, Now Hybrid” is the commercial of the Renault Clio to celebrate its constant reinvention. And it is that for more than 30 years, the model created by Renault has been the car of many generations. Model after model has been adapted to keep up with the times and expectations of customers.

The advertising campaign has been carried out by Publicis Conseil France. In it we see two very different parts, the first one that reviews the milestones of the Renault Clio through its history; an authentic journey through pop culture with very identifiable graphic universes of the time. We see how it goes through Polaroids, interacts with the Inspector Gadget or social networks. The second part introduces us to the new Renault Clio E-Tech hybrid and reveals the configuration of the vehicle.

The Renault Clio advert is soundtracked by a re-orchestrated version of The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”. A song that sets the pace during all the changes that the Renault Clio has experienced.

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