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The beautiful commercial of The Salvation Army: “Love of My Life”

Anuncio The Salvation Army

The commercial of Salvation Army is a beautiful story of life.

In the telling, advertising agency we know that the storytelling of a campaign is the key element to connect with consumers. A story that makes us feel identified with the brand will establish an emotional bond with it. Companies know this and try to tell us the best possible stories. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don’t, but their momentum gives us wonderful stories.

This is the case of the commercial of The Salvation Army. This NGO is a charitable movement with the only idea of helping the most disadvantaged. As an NGO, it knows that it must impact to achieve its purpose: a donation to continue with its community work.

This is how “Love of my life” presents us, an endearing love and life story. The Salvation Army commercial tells us the story of a couple of young people who get married and are going to live an idyllic life. We attend all times of his life: the birth of his daughter, how they play, how he grows up, how to leave home and how life goes on until they age together.

The commercial was created by the Finnish agency Make it Simple Oy and directed by Markus Virpiö. An endearing story with an emotional ending that will touch the fiber.

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