How to convert Euros to Won and know the final prize of the Squid Game

Convertidor de Euros a Wones | El Juego del Calamar

The Squid Game, Netflix’s most watched series, handles won, South Korea’s official currency.

The “Squid Game” is sweeping Netflix. It has become the most viewed series on the platform with 111 million people today. A success that those responsible for the series “did not see coming” in the mouth of their representatives.

One of the big questions Western fans ask themselves is how much are won. The series revolves around paying off debts and getting a great final price. We interpret that it is a lot of money, but we do not really know how much. That is why we bring you a converter from euros to won and find out how many euros the final prize of the “Squid Game” is worth.

Convertidor de Euros a Wones

Converting Euros to Won has become the great question of the public who watches the Netflix series. The Won is the official currency of South Korea and in the series they have wanted to keep that currency and not adapt it according to the country of viewing. Compared to the euro, the Korean currency should have a lower value due to the large number of won that are used on a day-to-day basis.

A South Korean won, in conversion corresponds to 0.00072 euros. And one euro equals 1,379.75 won. Therefore, the figure of 45.600 million won corresponds to slightly more than 33 million euros, 33,047,193.62 in particular and depending on the fluctuation of the value of the coin.

Convert Euros to Won

The Squid Game thus supersedes the series that held the first place until now, The Bridgertons, with 82 million viewings in its first 28 days of launch, followed by The Witcher and Lupine (76 million), Sex / Life (67), Stranger Things (67), La Casa de Papel (65 million), Tiger King (64), The Queen’s Gambit (62) or Sweet Tooth (60).



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