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Discover the Text Conversion Tool: Convert text from uppercase to lowercase with this simple application. With this tool offered by Eslogan Magazine you can automatically convert any text from lowercase to uppercase. You can also convert text from lowercase to uppercase with ease.

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We often use capital letters to highlight proper names such as people, places, institutions, and religions, as well as to denote historical eras, cultures, titles, artistic works, and holidays. It is also a common grammatical rule to start sentences and paragraphs with capital letters, as well as use them for acronym

Our online platform strives to simplify conversion between lower and uppercase, providing a fast and affordable solution to transform text in a matter of seconds.

How to automatically convert between upper and lower case.

We offer four options after entering text:

  1. Capital letters after period: With our converter you have the option to convert any letter after a period or at the beginning of a paragraph to upper case.
  2. All lowercase: To easily convert from uppercase to lowercase, you just have to enter the text in the text box and select the “All lowercase” button.
  3. All CAPS: On the other hand, if you want to convert lowercase text to uppercase text, enter the text in the box and select “All CAPS.”
  4. Capitalize text: Our converter also allows you to capitalize text, that is, making the first letter of each word a capital letter.

This tool makes it easy to convert between lower and upper case in seconds.

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