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Mastercard launches a credit card for blind people: Touch Card

The new credit cards for the blind people are identified by touch

Tarjetas de Crédito para ciegos de MasterCard

Mastercard has made a series of credit cards for people with vision problems.

That a company thinks and develops products so that people with abilities can enjoy day to day are achievements that a brand should be happy about. The idea of improving people’s lives is a maxim that few companies take into account, more concerned with profits than with their products.

A clear example is Apple, which, with its products, always seeks to introduce new functions with people with disabilities in mind. Or increasingly, in the video game sector, companies are striving to introduce inclusive functions so that everyone can enjoy them. Another example is the one we bring you today, the credit cards for the blind people created by MasterCard.

“SpotLight” is the title of MasterCard’s commercial for its credit cards for the blind and visually impaired. And it is that when the credit cards have stopped highlighting the name of the person, they are all the same. This makes it very difficult for blind people to identify the different credit cards.

A special credit card: TouchCard

Aware of this problem MasterCard has released TouchCard. Different cards that are identified by their particular shape. Thus, credit cards have a square hole, debit cards have a semicircle and prepaid cards have a triangle.

Tarjetas de Crédito para ciegos de MasterCard

To publicize these new cards they have created an advertisement entitled “SpotLight”. It has been created by McCann New York and introduces us to Marjorie, a blind woman whom we follow in her daily life. With a staging reminiscent of a play, we focus on what the blind person feels in their day-to-day life and how the new MasterCard card improves their routine a little.

The MasterCard credit card for blind people has been developed in consultation with the Royal National Institute of Blind People in the UK and Visions/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired in the US. According to Raja Rajamannar, General Manager of Marketing & Communications and President of Healthcare at Mastercard: “Touch Card is a new step for the company in promoting inclusivity in all fields. Through innovation with accessibility as a goal, we try to give everyone the opportunity to benefit from the ease and security of the digital world.”

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