“Cultural Avatars”: Orange inclusion for African gamers

Publicis Conseil has worked with designers to create outfits from Africa and the Middle East

Cultural Avatars de Orange

“Cultural Avatars” is an Orange initiative that is committed to the rise of the African community in gaming.

Gaming is one of the main entertainment platforms in the world today. And it is that last year it billed close to 200,000 million dollars worldwide. It is not surprising that brands want to get a slice of such a cake.

Thanks to globalization, the traditional dominance of the Japanese, American and European markets is giving way to other regions; com is the case of Africa and the Middle East where the highest growth rate of the gaming industry is concentrated.

“Cultural Avatars” is Orange’s initiative to represent these regions in the most popular video games. It has been designed by Publicis Conseil with the idea of creating virtual avatars that represent these cultures.

They have collaborated with three emerging designers to create the typical outfits of the area. Yasmine El Tazi, created the avatars of the Middle East and North Africa; Ibrahim Fernandez those related to sub-Saharan Africa, and Marie-Laure Jaomatana those of Madagascar.

These avatars have been conceived for games like “The Witcher” and “Minecraft”. These outfits were unveiled during the final of the e-sports competition organized by Orange in Côte d’Ivoire.

According to the brand, in a statement: “It all started with a simple observation. Africa and the Middle East have the highest growth rate in the number of gamers in the world but they are completely absent from games if we talk about representation. No video game offers a variety of skins that represent those regions.”

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