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The modern version of Cinderella in the Debenhams Christmas ad: “You Shall”

The Debenhams Christmas ad reinterprets Cinderella in a classic-style advertising.

The Debenhams Christmas ad brings us a modern reinterpretation of the classic fairy tale “Cinderella”. Increasingly, Christmas ads want to become more original and surprising, and sometimes they tend to get lost among other ideas.

That’s why we appreciate this Debenhamas Christmas ad, recovering the classic cut in this type of ads. This means, good performance and photography, a solid history and good acting work.

Debenhams Christmas ad

To start the Christmas campaign, Debenhams department stores have reinterpreted Cinderella in “You Shall”. The fairy tale begins with a woman losing a high-heeled shoe after shopping. The “prince” who picks it up starts a search through the networks using the hashtag #FindThatGirl while the “princess” looks for it through #FindThatShoe. The story goes viral and everyone is waiting for the end.

How could it be otherwise, the story ends with a happy ending. The whole story is told by Ewan McGregor, who makes an appearance in the final stretch.

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