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“The Vegetable Name Change”, from Delhaize supermarkets

Delhaize supermakets change the vegetable names so the kids can like it.

We like advertising for actions like this. When it seemed to be all said and written, new ad campaigns arrive to amaze you again. This is the case of the action created by the Delhaize supermarkets in Belgium for children to eat more vegetables.

nd for parents, getting children to eat vegetables is not an easy task. Many experts try each year to find new ways so that it is not so traumatic for them to eat vegetables. Only 30% of children make the recommended daily intake. Now the Delhaize supermarkets contribute to the cause with the campaign “The Vegetables Name Change” and their “Magic Veggies”.

Supermercados Delhaize - The Vegetables Name Change

The idea is basic, and surely the trick of many of the families to get the little ones to eat vegetables. Find imaginative names to the products. For this they created a contest for children to create imaginative names for vegetables and chose the best ones. So the carrots became “Orange Rocket”, the mushrooms in “Gnome Trumpets” and the zucchini in “Troll’s Bat”.

Supermercados Delhaize - The Vegetables Name Change

Delhaize applied the new nomenclature at all levels: Packaging, shops and advertising. The result? Sales increased 151%, selling two million “Magic Veggies” for the first two weeks. The action was carried out in the 900 supermarkets that the brand has in Belgium.

A brilliant idea.


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