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Disney’s Christmas Commercial for 2020: “From Our Family To Yours”

Anuncio de Navidad de Disney 2020

Mickey Mouse and family traditions are the main protagonists of Disney’s Christmas commercial.

The Christmas commercials of the big brands continue to be released. We have already seen Amazon’s Christmas commercial, Coca-Cola and Lego. More and more brands are moving forward to launch their Christmas campaigns, a luxury that was previously owned by the John Lewis commercial and his endearing stories.

Today is Disney’s turn, with a story centered on Mickey Mouse and family traditions for Christmas. A three-minute short of the same quality as a Pixar story.

“From Our Family To Yours” is Disney’s Christmas commercial for this 2020. The brand pays tribute to grandparents and their care of grandchildren, essential people to transmit popular traditions. In it we see Lola and her granddaughter making Christmas decorations year after year. With them, a Mickey Mouse plush that Lola’s father gave her as a child, and that has passed from generation to generation.

But the little girl begins to get older and the relationship between the two begins to fade. Before that happens, the granddaughter surprises him with a gesture that takes Lola back to her childhood years, the place where traditions begin.

Disney’s Christmas commercial has as its soundtrack the song “Love Is A Compass” performed by British artist Griff.

According to Luciano Manzo, President and CEO of Make-A-Wish International: “The holiday season is a very meaningful time for families to celebrate special memories, and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to grant even more life-changing wishes with support. from Disney. We hope that the public likes the short film and gets involved ”.

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