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The cute Disneyland Paris commercial: “The Little Duck”

“The Little Duck” it’s the start of the new brand positioning of Disneyland Paris.

It has been 27 years since the Disneyland Paris amusement park opened its doors. During this time all of their promotional campaigns have focused on families and travel packages. A strategy based on publicizing the park through offers, breaks and vacations.

With the new advertising campaign, the park launches a new brand positioning.“Where magic becomes reality” is the new claim they want to communicate. A place where the fantastic meets the real, being a magical destination for children from all over the world.

The Disneyland Paris tells commercial tell us the story of a little wild duck who dreams of being Donald Duck when he sees it in a magazine. “The Little Duck” begins to feel identified and imitate some gestures of the popular Disney character. With the passage of time he is forced to leave his treasure behind, until later he meets the popular character in the amusement park.

The tender Disneyland Paris commercial moves to the sound of the song “The impossible dream” song inspired by the sounds of the 60s.

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