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Doritos Crunch Cancellation how to cancel your noise in streaming

The TBWA agency and the technology company Glassworks have carried out the project

Doritos Crunch Cancellation

“Doritos Crunch Cancellation” is an original proposal to eliminate noise when chewing during streaming.

To new opportunities, new problems. This could be the saying of the brands that are betting their marketing strategies on Twitch. Streaming offers the possibility of reaching a young audience but it is also exposed to new problems that must be avoided.

This is the case of the latest campaign created by Doritos that tries to avoid the unpleasant sound that is produced when we chew in front of a microphone. For this they have created special software that eliminates said noise and the inconvenience it produces.

“Doritos Crunch Cancellation” is the title of the Doritos campaign created by the agency TBWA and the technology company Glassworks. It is a software that eliminates the noises when we chew Doritos while we play or stream. To do this, the brand asked the community to send videos of players making noise live. Thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning and using an Nvidia library as a base, it has been possible to create the software. The result? “Doritos Crunch Cancellation”, a free downloadable software.

According to a statement from the agency: “We have created a filter that acts on the audio input and is capable of detecting and differentiating the sound wave of the voice from the sound waves that generate the crackles when chewing. In this way, the software selects crackles and completely eliminates them, allowing gamers and streamers to talk into the microphone while eating without generating any annoying noise.”

For his part, David Bardají, Senior Brand Manager of Doritos at Pepsico commented: “We have always been proud that Doritos was one of the preferred options for snacking between games and streams. By putting the consumer at the center, we soon realized that this characteristic crunch was, in turn, a problem for communication between streamers and between gamers… We decided to get to work with Crunch Cancellation in order to continue being the ideal snack, also, on these occasions.”

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