Dove’s campaign promotes diversity in the world of gaming

The initiative has been carried out in collaboration with the Open Source Afro Hair Library community

Dove’s campaign aims to fight discrimination in the world of gaming and presents 15 different styles for afro hair.

Personal care brand Dove continues its initiative to represent real beauty. One of the sectors that the brand has detected as most discriminatory is gaming. A community with toxic behaviors and an industry that hypersexualizes female characters.

Now, after “Real Virtual Beauty” where the brand was committed to the real representation of women in video games, it presents “Code My Crown”; A guide to accurately representing afro hair in video games.

Dove – “Code my Crown”

“Code my crown” is the title of Dove’s campaign that is committed to the reliable representation of women in gaming. And, despite technological advances, the recreation of female characters’ hair remains limited.

According to a study by the brand, 85% of black gamers believe that video games do not accurately represent real hair. To solve this, Dove has collaborated with the art community Open Source Afro Hair Library to teach programming and code different textures and styles for African American female characters.

The document provides step-by-step instructions for doing 360-degree mapping. With this mapping, any developer will be able to better represent the textures, styles and characteristics of hair in digital environments.

According to Isaac Olander, lead developer of Code my Crown: “Of the hundreds of possible hairstyles to choose from in the video games I play most often, only a few are textured hairstyles. It feels great to play an active role in a cause that you really care about. believe.”

For his part, Leandro Barreto, Senior Vice President of Global Dove commented: “At Dove we believe that every person should see their beauty represented in the world around them; this is no different in the virtual world. The importance of “To accurately and respectfully represent textured hair in video games, and we are proud to be able to play a small role in taking action to set a new standard for diversity and representation.”

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