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Dove’s commercial for the Covid19 healthcare professionals: “Courage”

Anuncio de Dove | Courage

“Courage” is Dove’s commercial for Covid19 that focuses on healthcare professionals

The pandemic forces companies to react to help fight Covid19. From reorienting production to make disinfectants, masks, or respirators, to making large donations to organizations that are on the street.

This is the case of Dove, which has launched an advertising campaign for Covid19 and is also donating facial care products to Canadian health professionals. It is also making financial contributions to organizations like Direct Relief.

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Dove’s commercial for the Covid19 is titled “Courage” and focuses on healthcare professionals. The ad is beautiful for its simplicity, showing the faces of doctors and nurses marked for wearing daily protective gear. Under the motto “Courage is Beautiful” Dove presents us the aftermath of the professionals we know so well in our country.

For them, the company has decided to donate products so that these professionals can take care of their skin after a hard day at work. They started in Canada, but now the proposal has been extended to the United States. In addition, the brand is also making donations to Direct Relief so that they can serve those most in need by Covid19.

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