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Dove’s imperfect soaps in tribute to women’s skin: #RealSoaps

#RealSoaps is Dove's campaign that celebrates women's skin.

Jabones Imperfectos de Dove | Real Soaps

Dove imperfect soaps have crevices in tribute to the true beauty of the skin.

In 2004, Dove underwent a complete brand communication overhaul under the #RealBeauty concept. With a historic campaign, she represented women far from the usual beauty canons in the sector. Little did they think that almost 20 years later this campaign would completely change the brand and its relationship with the consumer.

This common thread allowed Dove to stand out from the rest of the beauty brands and go its own way. A path that has focused on making women see that real beauty is what one has and they do not have to adapt to what society says. A clear example was the #Showus project that changed the image of women in advertising. Or “Real Sketches” in which the women’s vision of themselves did not correspond to reality.

Now they are launching a new advertising campaign to pay tribute to the skin through its imperfections. And is that 80% of women are not happy with what they see in the mirror. Spots, freckles, wrinkles or stretch marks are tried to hide to feel better. That is why Dove wants to raise awareness that what makes us real is precious.

Dove’s imperfect soaps have been released with factory imperfections such as cracks and tears. It has been made by the MullenLowe SSP3 Colombia agency and imitates the different skin marks. With #RealSoaps, Dove wants to show us that true beauty is what makes us real. To do this, he encourages us to post a photo of our skin under the hashtag #RealBeauty

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