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Dove’s campaign against beauty filters on TikTok

The brand continues with its Dove Self-Esteem Project initiative and puts TikTok in the spotlight

Campaña de Dove | Turn Your Back

Dove’s campaign is a call not to use TikTok’s popular “Bold Glamour” filter that distorts real beauty.

Filters in applications such as TikTok or Instagram are being the center of debate when we talk about low self-esteem and the use of social networks in adolescents. Part of the blame lies with the “Bold Glamour” filter that distorts facial features to show an imposted beauty.

The Dove campaign wants to call on young women to turn their backs on these filters, inviting them to make a video using certain hashtags to get more visibility.

Dove against Bold Glamour

“Turn Your Back on Bold Glamour” is the title of Dove’s campaign against the use of beauty filters on TikTok. The idea is to make the community aware that the use of these filters diminishes the confidence of the young women who use them.

A study of the brand has found that half of the girls with low self-esteem do not look good if they use these filters. These are present in the daily life of 52% of girls; and 77% try to hide at least part of their body before posting a photo.

Dove’s campaign is a call to upload videos turning your back -literally- on filters; and with the hashtags #TurnYourBack #BoldGlamour and #NoDigitalDistortion. The brand continues its initiative on real beauty on social networks, after “Reverse Selfie” and “No Digital Distortion”.

According to Firdaous El Honsali, Dove’s Global Vice President of External Communications in a statement: “While social media filters can be a source of creativity and self-expression, ‘Bold Glamour’ goes further. Tools that were previously only available to professionals can now be used by girls at the touch of a button and without regulation. We are committed to digital distortion and want to support a more positive environment on social media that is representative of real, authentic beauty.”

The popularity of the “Bold Glamour” filter is evident, with over 15 million uses and booming popularity. Dove’s campaign against digital distortion offers free tools to empower parents and caregivers to help children to use social networks correctly.

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