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The Dragon Ball commercial that will return you to childhood

Spot de Dragon Ball Kakarot

The “Dragon Ball Kakarot” commercial that appeals directly to nostalgia and will return you to childhood.

One of the most popular anime is without a doubt Dragon Ball. The work created by Akira Toriyama has been with us for almost 30 years and it is in full shape: Goku will be one of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ambassadors, the tv show has finished a new arc with Dragon Ball Super and fans of the saga enjoy the latest video games released.

And it is that the series has been able to stay alive thanks to the games made by different companies. Dragon Ball FighterZ has been the summum of perfection when it comes to recreate with maximum fidelity the fighting of the series. The play, created by Arc System Works has catapulted the franchise until it takes the game to EVO tournaments, the biggest fighting games events (in his day we talked about the consecration of e-sports here).

Now a new Dragon Ball game is ready that will reliably capture all the events of the Z arc until its end. To do this, they have carried out an advertising campaign that appeals to nostalgia.

The Dragon Ball commercial is made in Japanese, but you don’t need to understand anything to understand everything. The ad ignores any image related to the video game to explain a story.The story of the child that we all have inside and the moments that we have grown up watching our favorite series at tea time. Those moments when we were stunned in front of the screen when Goku becomes a “super saiyan.” The moments when we recreated the scenes with our EGB friends or the attempts to get all our power out when we were home alone.

The “Dragon Ball Kakarot” commercial touches the sensitive fiber by reminding us how happy we were with so little. The campaign has become a viral phenomenon and all fans of the series already count the days to enjoy the series as when we were children. With a glass of Colacao and a nocilla sandwich, of course.

Via | Bandai Namco



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