EastPak’s twilight commercial imagines its products on Mars

The campaign has been carried out by the agency Mutant

“Built to resist” is the title of EastPak’s commercial that imagines its products on the red planet.

What brands will be used once we colonize Mars? This question and marketing-fiction exercise is what they have done at the headquarters of Eastpak, the famous brand of backpacks and suitcases; who base their latest campaign on this supposed scenario many years from now.

For this they have carried out an advertising campaign with a twilight style very much in keeping with the environment of the planet Mars.

“Built to resist” is the title of the Eastpak commercial made by the Muntant agency. The idea places us in a dystopian future in which humans have colonized Mars. What materials would we use? How?

The piece represents a group of young people having fun on the red planet. Basketball, skateboarding or parkour are some of the activities they do thanks to the lowest gravity that exists on Mars. The arid planet is the scene of a spectacular production that relates the brand’s products to resistance and durability. And it is that the brand is known for providing a 30-year guarantee to its backpacks and suitcases.

Eastpak’s Marketing Director, Florence Blanckaert, commented: “Creating an image campaign is difficult for brands with as much tradition as Eastpak. The Mutant Agency has been the perfect partner and an extension of our team in envisioning the future and creative interpretation of our iconic “Built to resist” motto.”

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