Twelve eggs photographed with an iPhone in Apple’s latest campaign

Huevos Fotografiados con un Iphone

Eggs photographed with an iPhone are the stars of the latest installment of the “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

The “Shot on iPhone” campaign was the beginning of a new line of communication for Apple. This focuses on the benefits of your camera and showing the results that can be achieved with it.

As the device evolves, the iPhone’s camera features improve with new modes and features; both in hardware and software. To show these new features they have done it with twelve eggs photographed with an iPhone.

“A Dozen Eggs” is the title of Apple’s commercial in which they show us twelve eggs photographed with an iPhone. The work of Michel Gondry, the French director combines different techniques to show us twelve eggs in all possible ways. The piece demonstrates the virtues of the iPhone 13 camera in an imaginative journey full of fantasy and reality.

Michael Gondry recreates different scenarios and situations combining reality and fantasy with different artistic techniques that you can perform with an iPhone. Eggs that float, dance, rebuild or make references to movies like “Godzilla” or “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The piece shows many practical effects and a curated edition.

The piece is part of the “Shot on iPhone” campaign in which Apple shows the artistic possibilities of its flagship. “What happens when you take a dozen eggs, add the iPhone 13 Pro and throw it into the inventive mind of Michel Gondry? The simple becomes cinema.” they comment from the brand.

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