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Elton John and Michael Caine encourage covid vaccine in this commercial

Elton John y Michael Caine animan a vacunarse en este divertido anuncio

Elton John and Michael Caine make a funny commercial encouraging the population to get vaccinated.

Vaccination against Covid is in full swing in many countries. With this, the importance of making the population aware of the minimum risks involved in getting the vaccine, and the importance that as many people as possible are vaccinated.

To do this, advertising campaigns are carried out to raise awareness and encourage the population. One of the funniest examples is the publicity campaign run by the British National Health Service (NHS). For this they have had the participation of Sir Elton John and Michael Caine to launch a forceful but funny message to the population.

The NHS has decided to put a bit of humor in its awareness campaign, compared to other countries that have opted for a more aggressive campaign. The idea, that Elton John and Michael Caine set themselves to be candidates for the official commercial.

Sir Elton John begins by repeating different takes to find the right tone. Even one where you are asked to imitate Michael Caine. In the meantime, they are introducing the message of reassurance: “The more people are vaccinated, the more chances there will be to eradicate the pandemic. It is important to know that the vaccines have passed all safety tests.”

In one of the shots, Elton plays a patient who has been punctured. After emitting a forced scream, the director asks him what that was and that they will call him, Elton jokes that he hopes they find someone older. And they do.

Michael Caine’s participation is of a calmer and less parodic tone. “I just had the vaccine, and it doesn’t hurt. Not many people know.” The commercial leaves in the air that both are hired for the campaign. A campaign that has led to more than twelve million Britons to receive the first dose.

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