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A funny Enel TV Commercial to present its smarthome system: Droneweiler

The last Enel TV Commercial it’s a funny history about the use of new technologies to keep safe your house.

To present its new home automation system, the Italian energy company Enel has made a fun TV Commercial on the use of new technologies applied to the home.

The last Enel TV Commercial presents us e-Goodlife a smarthome kit composed of different intelligent devices to control the house remotely: Thermostats, smart cameras, motion sensors and applications to more efficiently manage the energy consumption of the home.

Spot de Enel

For this they have made a parody of his whole system representing it in Droneweiler. Droneweiler is a surveillance system between a dron and a rottweiler that protects the house. In ironic and irreverent situations, the dron does everything possible to make our house safer.

Under the motto “Keep your home safe with a real advanced security system” the Enel TV Commercial is still a critique for all those who sell different forms of smart devices to protect your home.

Spot de Enel



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