Eno advert recreates popular ‘Hide the Pain Harold’ meme

András Arató recreates the character that has made him famous all over the world

Anuncio de Eno | Hide the Pain Harold

Eno’s advert tries to make sense by recreating the popular meme of the man holding the coffee cup in front of the computer.

Memes are, without a doubt, one of the great internet hobbies. They start as an innocuous image and begin to give it context and descriptions that go viral. This is the case of the popular meme “Hide the Pain Harold” that you will surely recognize instantly when you see it.

Well, Eno, the most popular brand of fruit salt on the market, has recreated the meme by taking it a step further to try to describe what is happening to the poor man in the photo.

“Azia’s Face” is the title of Eno’s advert made by Publicis Groupe. It stars András Arató, the popular model behind the stock photos that have gone viral around the world. And he tries to answer the big question: What happened to his face when he did the photo shoot? Sadness? Shyness? Lack of charisma?

According to Eno’s announcement, what’s happening to good old András Arató is that he has heartburn. That is the face of someone who suffers from the stomach and does nothing to alleviate it, just wait for it to pass. According to Carlo Curi, manager of Eno: “ENO Fruit Salt is a super ally for people who need to combat heartburn. Bringing a figure as emblematic as the Harold meme to this dialogue is our communication force to broaden our target.”

On the other hand, Creative Directors of Publicis Haleon Brasil Laura Azevedo and Ricardo Schreier: “Having one of the biggest memes in the world as a character is combining work and fun, and still having the opportunity to build an even more exclusive tone to highlight to ENO in the category. The Cara de Azia campaign is not only a relief to Harold, but also to consumers that talking about heartburn doesn’t have to be boring.”

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