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The ET commercial coming home for Christmas revolutionizes networks

The ET commercial returning home for Christmas revolutionizes social networks.

It’s here. The best commercial of this Christmas. And it is that the English video platform on demand Sky is revolutionizing the networks with its Christmas commercial.

Neither more nor less than E.T. coming home for Christmas after 37 years. A tremendously emotional commercial that points directly to nostalgia with a story that could well be the epilogue of the famous film made by Steven Spielberg.

“E.T. Came Home for Christmas” is the title of the Sky ad. In it we see how the famous alien arrives at the garden of his friend Elliot (the same original actor of the film, Henry Thomas) and meets his children. These, recreating the first impression of Elliot, are frightened to see him. But Elliot recognizes what is happening and goes out to hug his dear friend.

This updates him and teaches him his family. During the commercial we see Elliot’s children playing with E.T., watching a movie and interacting with virtual reality. At the end of the ad, E.T. He must return as he misses his family and the planet where he comes from.

The E.T. commercial It has been shot in collaboration with Universal Pictures to stay as true to the original story. According to Stephen van Rooyen, CEO of Sky in the United Kingdom: “This campaign helps to celebrate the magic of family time at Christmas and the role of Sky in bringing its clients together at this special time of the year.”

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