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The evolution of the World Cup logos. From 1930 to 2022.

A review of the graphic history of the World Cup

Evolution of World Cup Logo

We review the graphic history of the World Cup logos since they were founded in 1930.

Football is without a doubt the most popular sport in the world. It is estimated that 3,500 million people practice it, practically half of the world’s population. A sport that reaches its zenith when the World Cup is held.

And it is that the audience of this event is estimated at more than 160 million people, reaching 900 million on the day of the final. A milestone only comparable to the audience of the Olympic Games and candy for brands that don’t hesitate to wear their best clothes to reach their target audience.

Despite the fact that the World Cup has gone global, many of us still have memories of a time full of nostalgia. Today we are going to take a look at the past and see how the World Cup logos have evolved since 1930.

The first twenty years

The first four editions of the World Cup (which encompasses from 1930 to 1950) advertising posters were created. The graphic artists of the time made a poster that was later reproduced in newspapers and magazines.

Logo Mundial Uruguay 1930

Logo Mundial Italia 1934

Logo Mundial Francia 1938

Logo Mundial Brasil 1950

Logos arrive in the 50s

Starting in 1950, the FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) brand was created. The association sought to create a new logo for each edition. And it was at the World Cup in Switzerland, the cradle and school of graphic design, when a logo generated from the Swiss cross on a white ball was created. A constant, that of including characteristic elements of the organizing countries, which would be maintained in the following editions.

Logo Mundial Suecia 1958

Logo Mundial Chile 1962

Logo Mundial England 1966

Logo Mundial Mexico 1970

Logo Mundial Alemania 1974

Logo Mundial Argentina 1978

Logo Mundial España 1982

Logo Mundial Mexico 1986

Logo Mundial Italia 1990

Logo Mundial USA 1994

Logo Mundial France 1998

Minimalism arrives at the World Cup

With the arrival of the 2000s and the trend of minimalism, this style was imposed when creating the graphic image of the World Cup. For the World Cup in Korea and Japan, a logo was designed that has become a more unified visual identity, being the trend to follow in previous editions

Logo Mundial Korea-Japón 2002

Logo Mundial Alemania 2006

Logo Mundial SudAfrica 2010

Logo Mundial Brasil 2014

Logo Mundial Rusia 2018

Logo Mundial Qatar 2022


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