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Famiglia Rana Kits: Create the perfect dish for Instagram

“Famiglia Rana Kits” have everything you need to create the perfect dish to upload to Instagram.

Instagram is the social network that has the most acceptance. The last semester grew by 23%. Much more than Facebook and Twitter, which did it by 3% and 2% respectively. And brands are starting to dominate the tool for their marketing campaigns. We remember actionas like Burger King’s Instagram campaign, or the products that Sonic’s foods chain creadte for instagram.

Today we bring you a new initiative to take advantage of the network’s social network. These are the “Famiglia Rana Kits”, kits with everything you need to create the perfect dish and upload it to Instagram. The foodies are one of the main assets of the social network, hanging numerous photos of their creations in an original and beautiful way.

Well, the “Famiglia Rana Kits” designed by the Italian pasta brand “Rana” offer us all the elements to capture the dish with decoration and visual elements. Everything is designed so you can create the perfect picture and your dish looks spectacular. There are six packages available that use a variety of pastas and ingredients to prepare.

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