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The Federation of Cardiology ad encourages us to have a dog

“Oh my Dog” is the new commercial from the Federation of Cardiology: Having a dog can save our lives.

It’s official, we’re fans of the campaigns of the French Federation of Cardiology. Last year, “Lucky Day” slipped into the top ten ads of 2018 with an original, fun and unexpected proposal.

Now, after the success of that campaign, they return with “Oh My Dog”, a new spot that warns us that having a dog is not saving our lives.

The objective of the Federation of Cardiology commercial is to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity in the elderly. For this he encourages them to adopt a dog, despite all the problems that may involve. And even if the animals make a lot of company, they can also test the patience of their masters.

Thus, we see in a humorous tone many situations that all those who have dogs will have met. They arrive full of mud, urinate inside the house, eat our food or leave everything full of hair. A whole stream of situations that would take away the desire to have a dog to anyone.

But, as with his last commercial, the final turn is what makes us reflect. And according to the French Federation of Cardiology, having a dog can save your life. Despite the uncomfortable and annoying moments, if you are over 65 and walk the dog every day, you can reduce the risk of heart attack by 36%. Is not it wrong, right?



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