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Coca-Cola’s “For the Human Race” advert is a call to hope

For the human race | Coca-Cola

“For the human race” is the Coca-Cola ad full of positivity and appreciation for Covid19

With the arrival of Covid19, many brands had to reinvent their advertising campaigns. Coca-Cola instead decided to pause all its advertising to focus on “do, not say” and help fight the coronavirus. After a few weeks of silence, the brand surprised everyone with the launch of two campaigns full of optimism.

The first is a reinterpretation of his classic “For everyone”, changing the message for one related to the pandemic. And now it has launched the second, inspired by one of its most emblematic campaigns: “For reasons to believe”, which was launched due to the 2008 crisis. A campaign that is on par with the Bankinter commercial and that they are fighting to be the best Covid-related advertising campaign19.

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“For the human race” is the emotional Coca-Cola advert for Covid19. A campaign based on one of Coca-Cola’s best ads: “Reasons to Believe in a Better World”, listed as Coca-Cola’s second best ad in our brand special.

The piece compiles to the rhythm of “Superheroes” from The Script a series of images that the Covid19 has been leaving day by day. The Coca-Cola ad shows us that for every selfish action, there are thousands of altruistic actors. That for each negative part, there are thousands of positive reasons to continue fighting.

According to Pratik Thakar director of communication in Southeast Asia: “We thank those who continue to keep us safe during the crisis, particularly those on the front lines. Every day, we are inspired and encouraged by countless selfless acts, kindness and courage from people around the world. Through this global piece, we wanted to recognize and pay tribute to the positivity, togetherness and generosity of the human spirit.”

The ad was created by Merdeka LHS in Malaysia and launched on May 1st.

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