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Ford designs a Baby Crib to sleep your children

Ford designs a baby crib that simulates the movement of a car to sleep your children in the case they can’t do it.

Yes, you hear it well. Ford, the company that makes cars, has crated a baby crib that simulates the movement of car to sleep any children. An idea that does not let an attempt to generate viral and repercussion on the internet by the Social Media department of the multinational but we liked it so much that we want to share it with you.

The baby crib name ‘Ford Max Motors Dreams’ has a built-in vibration that simulates the driving of a car. The one that children like so much when they can’t sleep.

Cuna de Ford: Max Motor Drems

If you are or have been a parent you will have found that the engine vibration and the smooth movement of the car are the perfect mixture for the child to fall asleep in a matter of minutes. There are parents who going out to drive and try fall asleep and others parents who catch him in nightly hours to achieve the goal.

Ford designs a baby crib by reverse engineering, with a device that simulates the vibration and movement of a moving car, with four walls equipped with LEDs that mimic the changes of light and shadow that occur when driving at night.

Cuna de Ford: Max Motor Drems

With an app you can record all the data of your car while driving to sleep the baby and then set it in the crib so that it reproduces exactly the same patterns. You can even share it with the grandparents in case they stay to take care of the little baby.

As expected, the Ford cradle is not for sale, but is offered by lottery to all those requesting a test of the new model of the MAX range.



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