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The Fox Sports commercial with Santa Claus to promote the World Cup

Jon Hamm is a Santa Claus worried in the summer about the World Cup in Qatar

Anuncio de Fox Sports | Santa Claus

The Fox Sports ad presents us with a Santa Claus worried about the coincidence of the World Cup in Qatar and Christmas.

The peculiarity of the World Cup in Qatar, which is held at the end of the year, is a headache for everyone. Players, clubs, professional leagues from around the world and even brands, who will have to distribute efforts between the event and the Christmas campaign.

That is the reason for the Fox Sports advert to promote the broadcast of the World Cup for the United States. A fun coincidence that will see Santa Claus leave before the summer retreat to start work.

“2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup: Jon Hamm” is the title of the Fox Sports advert created internally by the network itself. Popular actor Jon Hamm plays Santa Claus enjoying his summer vacation until he receives a worrying call from work. An elf informs him that this year the World Cup is not held in summer, but coincides with the Christmas season. Santa Claus realizes that it will be impossible for him to compete with such an event, with Messi, Mbappé, Cristiano Ronaldo and others as protagonists.

According to Robert Gottlieb, Vice President of Marketing for Fox Sports: “The World Cup is about a community experience, people enjoy getting together to watch the games. The fact that this year coincides with the Christmas season is an incredible opportunity to embrace that spirit. holiday in the campaign”.

The campaign will consist of three pieces with the aim of making the American population aware of the new World Cup dates.

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