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The Gatorade’s advertising with a spectacular figure made of water drops

For the last Gatorade’s advertising they have made a spectacular animated figure with drops of water and none is made with CGI.

Technology has allowed us to reach unimaginable limits. Distinguishing between the real or the fictitious is a thin line that allows us to carry out works that were unthinkable.

These new techniques of accomplishment also reached the advertising productions. Computer animations, special effects and CGI filled the big productions of the multinationals. That’s why it made us happy to see how ingenuity, creativity and originality are still present in some advertising campaigns.

Spot de Gatorade: Active Water

This is the case of the spectacular Gatorade’s advertising to present its new product line: Active Water. For this they have made a complex assembly to recreate a human figure through water droplets. And really hard to believe, but behind the spectacular figure there is nothing of CGI. Just a 3D printer made to measure and engraved with the traditional Stop Motion technique. The effect is amazing and the result, spectacular.

The figure is the work of director James Medcraft who has not had it easy to shoot the Gatorade’s advertising. First they had to create a 3D printer that let drops go gradually until creating an imperceptible figure. After recording everything with Stop Motion and motion capture, the figure became real.

Spot de Gatorade: Active Water

Synchronizing an Alexa Arri camera mounted on a robotic Milo arm were launching flashes at high speed. After 5 days recording in the studio and 11 editing, they managed to create a human figure in real size composed of small drops of water and that seems to move in the air as if by magic. Just watch the making of the complex procedure.

Making of Gatorade’s advertising: Active Water

Via | Gizmodo



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