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Germany’s Women’s World Cup advert

The Germany’s Women’s World Cup advert shows the discrimination they have suffered because they are women.

Women’s football starts to be fashionable. In our country stadiums begin to fill and teams are more and more competitive in Europe. And, although progress is being made, we are still a long way from the female elite teams.

This summer the women’s world cup is celebrated in France and to celebrate it, the German women’s football team has made a tremendous ad to denounce the discrimination that soccer players still have today. We still like it more than that fantastic ‘Unstoppable For Iceland’ that left us all with our mouths open.

The Germans are a real football power: They have won the European Championship eight times and have been in the elite since 1989. Despite this, they keep rowing against the current, breaking taboos and stereotypes: “You know my name? And mine? We play for a country that does not know our names. You know we won the European Championship three times, right? Error! We have done it eight times. They gave us a tea game for our first title. “

These are the words with which the vindictive announcement of the German women’s soccer team begins. His career is unblemished: Twice world champions, three final plays and 8 Euro Cups to his credit. In spite of that, few people know them. “We play for a country that does not even know our names.

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