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A controversial Gillette commercial: “The best a man can be”

Gillette commercial has set fire to social networks by treating “toxic masculinity” to avoid it in future generations.

Something is changing in advertising. We echoed that society is forcing us to change the way brands are targeting consumers. Commercials like Billie’s depilation ad or Barbie’s “Dream Gap” advertising campaign. All of them make reference to gender equality in the most daily actions of life.

Now it is Gillette, a brand with the majority of products destined for men that want to change. His latest campaign entitled “The best a man can be” has shaked the social networks.

30 years ago, in 1989, Gillette launched its advertising campaign under the slogan “The best a man can be.” The society at that time was far from the current and that is why they use again the slogan adapting it to the actual times and all that a man can be today.

Gillette commercial includes news clips about the #MeToo movement and images that show the harassment of men to women, sexism in the movies or men laughing at sexist situations. According to the voice-over: “We believe in the best of men: saying the right thing, acting in the right way. But something is not enough. Because the children who are seeing him today will be the men of tomorrow. “

The Gillette commercial has had a very good acceptance in spite of critics of his detractors who consider it insulting for the masculine public.



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  1. the commercial you say was well accepted caused an 8 billion(yes, billion) dollar loss in fy2019. if that is acceptance ; i,m not interested.

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