Globant’s funny commercial: “Seek reinvention”

Anuncio de Globant | Seek Reinvention

Globant’s commercial is a funny story of what life would be like without technology.

Globant is an Argentine company dedicated to the development of technology and digital services. And it has released its first advertising campaign, a funny story about what life would be like without technology.

Globant’s commercial is titled “Seek Reinvention.” It has been created by the Gut agency, produced by Rebolución and directed by Andrés Salmoyraghi and Alvaro Stocker.

The Globant commercial shows us, through different everyday scenes, what life would be like without the technological innovations that we have integrated into our daily lives. Without realizing it, we see how technology surrounds us when it comes to educating, going on a trip, controlling our finances or entertaining ourselves. All to the rhythm of a version of the popular song “Wild World” by Cat Stevens.

Globant has been helping its clients to evolve digitally for more than 20 years, and highlights the constant reinvention to which we are subjected. The rise of new technologies forces companies not to be left behind and move forward hand in hand with a partner like Globant.

According to Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer of the brand: “The various technologies that we use in our daily lives have been repeatedly reinvented over time to become what they are today. With our campaign we want to show how difficult our lives would be if these transformations had not happened.”

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