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Google’s commercial to find famous movie scenarios

Anuncio de Google | Find Your Scene

Google’s commercial for the Oscars invites us to find famous movie scenarios.

The time when Google did not advertise has been forgotten. Immersed in a battle for the hardware of their products with Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, they must explain the benefits of their products. And they do it through their applications, which for so long have been creating, updating and optimizing.

This battle is also fought when marketing and advertising. We have seen how in the Super Bowl commercials, Google introduced us to how its voice manager worked with Loretta’s endearing commercial. Now he does the same to promote Google Maps and show people how much match he can get.

“Find your scene” is the Google’s commercial that invites us to find famous movie scenarios. Released at the Oscars gala, the campaign wants to generate impact and encourage people to use this service on their devices.

So, thanks to Google Maps we can find the famous Joker stairs, the “Back to the Future” house, the Goonies beach or the famous Rocky stairs. All for movie lovers and tourist attraction for the area.

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