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The original graphic campaign of BMW: “Time Matters”

Gráfica de BMW: Time Matters

“Time Matters” is a graphic campaign of BMW to present its app.

We love them when brands opt for graphic campaigns. In an era whith trend and viral campaigns, we celebrate the use of advertising campaigns based on graphics, photography and copy. At the end whe recover the essence and the origins of advertising.

That’s why we loved the graphic campaign of BMW to present its new app for smartphones. “Time Matters” is the title of the ads that, under the motto “Never be late again” proposes a series of historical photographs that play with the concept of “What if …”. In them we see the apple of Adam and Eve, the first man to reach the moon and the goal of Maradona’s hand god in the World Cup in Mexico 86.

An original concept that answers a question.According to the marketing director of the German brand, he asked himself: “What would have happened if we had arrived late to the most iconic events in history? Clearly, time matters.”

The BMW app is one more piece of ConnectedDrive services offered by the brand to car owners. A service that gives you support before and during the trip. Navigation, trip planning, search of stores and services en route, personal assistant, information in real time and many more options.

Gráfica de BMW: Time Matters Gráfica de BMW: Time Matters Gráfica de BMW: Time Matters



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